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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Grandchildren

Alivia is one of those kids who has to be doing something 24/7, and she doesn't like to do it alone. She's artistic and likes to do things with her hands like painting, games, clay, coloring, and putting things together. Thank goodness she's in first grade.

Mason is one of those kids who uses his little imagination and can play for hours by himself. I love watching him play because you can see by his expression that he's working it out. He likes playing trains, cars and trucks, the stuff little boys like to do. 

They meet in the middle when it's time to swim, scooter, play basket ball with dad, dance, and play in the blow-up house that takes up a third of the back yard.

What a difference in the two. Either way, together they can both tire you out.

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