Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend! I thought I'd start your week off with a never before posted excerpt of The Promise

Staring up at him now, they had shared too much for her to be embarrassed by her nudity. She could see Ryan was still aroused. He seemed insatiable. His strong muscled body was like a bronze statue, hard and unyielding, except for the life throbbing between his powerful thighs. He was thick and long, reaching out to her, teasing her with the promise of a pleasure she’d already experienced, several times.

She took in the jagged puckered scar running down the length of his thigh that
reminded her of his injury. It was a recent wound. Different from the other scars that marred his flesh and were now faded memories.

How had he found the strength to carry her all this way? The answer came to
Shannon almost immediately. Ryan was a warrior . Thinking about the tenderness he’d shown her the third time they’d made love, warmed her inside. He’d worshipped her body as if he loved her.

And that’s impossible, isn’t it?

Slowly her gaze moved up to his face, taking in the firm set of his jaw and his
sensuous lips. His nostrils flared with desire. When their gazes met, she caught her breath. The fire burning in his eyes singed Shannon, claiming her as his. She ran her tongue over her swollen mouth, almost afraid.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, slowly lowering himself onto the bed, and her. He’d
gone to the bathroom for a washcloth and was now careful not to put all his weight on her. “I’ve wanted you for so long, Shannon. Since the moment we stood across each other at my father’s grave site, and our eyes met for the first time.”

No! That couldn’t be!

His words shocked her, almost as much as the wet wash cloth he placed between her
thighs. It felt cold against her tender skin, yet soothed the fire burning there. A fire he’d started and put out several times, for it to only fan out of control without much effort again. It seemed every time they made love it only made them hungrier for each other.

She arched against his administrations as he tenderly ran the wet cloth over her
sensitive mound. “No, Ryan. Don’t say that.”

“Yes,” Ryan whispered against her mouth. “God help me Shannon, but I wanted you
more than I wanted to live. You, my brother’s wife!”

Before she could respond to his impassioned words, he covered her mouth with his.
It was unlike any kiss she’d ever experienced before. Tender and sweet, yet powerful and persuading. She couldn’t fight this attack on her senses. She couldn’t fight him! As his mouth worked against hers, she pushed his words aside and responded, moaning deep. 

Then she opened her mouth and invited him inside, meeting his tongue with eager thrusts
of her own. His low groan revealed his pleasure and his kiss became forceful. The cloth between her legs quickly replaced with his probing fingers.

“I may never get enough of you.”

Shannon wrapped her arms around his neck and arched her body into his, relishing in
her power to please him. Surprised at how accepting of their situation she was. But she was hungry and had been for a long time, and so lonely. Slowly she let her hands smooth 
over his broad shoulders and down his back to where it tapered to his lean hips. 

Everything about Ryan was hard and threatening yet she had never felt so protected and
safe. Her dreams of late had been answered in his arms, and the faceless lover was finally revealed. Only when she realized the impossible situation between them, tears sprang to her eyes.

How will I ever face the rest of the family after this?

Ryan halted and looked up. Their gazes met. “Am I hurting you?”

Shannon shook her head, biting down on her quivering bottom lip. She reached up
and touched his rugged cheek, a tear running a hot trail down the side of her face. Noticing it, he reached up and gently wiped it away, then took a ragged breath.

“God–what have I done?” He obviously misunderstood her tears, and rolled away.
His fist punched the bed between them. “Shannon–”

“Please don’t say this was a mistake.” Her quiet words drew a sharp surprised glance
from him. “I could have stopped you and didn’t. I wanted this just as much as you.”

“You don’t understand!” He sat up and turned his back to her, dropping his feet to
the floor.

Shannon’s eyes took in his sculptured backside, noticing the numerous scars marring
his flesh. Years in the Marines hadn’t been kind to him. “There’s nothing to understand, Ryan. There’s no right or wrong with what we did.”

He shook his head no, yet remained silent. Shannon moved behind him. She knew
there was something torturing him. Something other than his healing wound, something inside, buried deep. “Then tell me,” she coaxed softly. Her breast rested against his back. She felt him tense and placed her hands upon his shoulders.

He snorted. “I was a prisoner of war for a time, Shannon, and they couldn’t get me to
talk. What makes you think you can?”

Prisoner of war? She didn’t even want to think about what he’d endured. “The 
difference is that I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Purging my soul to you will only accomplish one thing.” He turned his face enough
to meet her gaze. “Your hate.”

Shannon held her breath. What did it have to do with her? She opened her mouth to tell him she could never hate him. Hell, she was already half in love with him. But she
didn’t get the chance. A slight commotion downstairs indicated the others had returned. 

God, she’d forgotten all about them!

Ryan rose to his feet. “You better go back to your room.”


Anne said...

will up in flames be on Barnes and Noble?

Tory Richards said...

Hi Anne,

I'm waiting for their response.

At the end of this month Up in Flames will be offered at a lot more venues than Amazon Kindle. I'm hoping to offer it for sale here on my site, too. Hoping:)