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Saturday, January 5, 2013


A Perfect Fit is finally out on Amazon Kindle! Check it out!

Blurb - 
Marissa Lambert is furious with her agent for hiring a security agency to protect her. The last thing she needs is some Texas cowboy following her around, and telling her what to do. Just because two plus-sized models have turned up dead in a month doesn’t mean she’s at risk. And besides, she can take care of herself.

Beau Evans owns and operates Evans Security, and he’s the unlucky one who gets to babysit the beautiful Marissa. The moment he watches her strut her stuff down the runway, in a revealing corset that hugs her generous assets, he gets an itch that doesn’t go away. Their first encounter ends with an angry exchange and a battle of strong wills, but once they succumb to the lust in their blood there’s no turning back.


UP in FLAMES is FREE on Amazon today! Please leave a review if you pick up a copy. Thanks!


Nancy Bristow said...

Hey Debbie aka Tory...Am waiting for "A Perfect Fit" for the Nook. As of a few minutes ago, it hasn't appeared as yet.

Is "Up In Flames" an expanded version of another book you've written? Sigh. Sometimes it's hard to keep up. ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

LOL, I hear you. No, it's a short, stand alone erotic romance. Totally new. I'd like to think it's perfect but if you notice any typos I'd appreciate a heads up. I've already found a couple but can't make the changes yet. Crap! My editor and I went over it several times and we still managed to miss something.

It might take a few days before it's offered in other formats. Please let me know if it doesn't happen.

Thanks, friend:)