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Monday, January 21, 2013

Gonna meet a long time friend for lunch today. Excited because we haven't seen each other in something like, 25 years. But we've kept in touch over the years. Now that her hubby is retired from the AF they've put down roots here in Florida.

Here's a little teaser from Hot Spot!

He slammed his mouth down on hers. It didn’t take Sammy long to lose what little resistance she had before melding into the kiss eagerly, proving to him that she was a liar.

When his tongue sought entrance into her mouth, she willingly parted her lips. Once their
tongues meshed all hell broke loose. John released her wrists to trail his hands down to her breasts. She lowered her arms to wrap them around his neck.

As his mouth worked against hers, Sammy’s desire grew until the tingle in her taut
nipples spread to her aching pussy. She arched against his hard frame, moaning with pleasure when his hard cock throbbed against the apex of her thighs. Yes! She needed him. Needed to be filled and loved. The need coursing through her body was intense and demanded to be fed.

But at what cost? Sammy wasn’t too far gone to realize making love to John would
be a mistake, and she would be the one to get hurt. After he got what he wanted he’d be gone again. She’d let herself enjoy his rough kiss a minute more and then demand he let her go. Only when his hands roamed over her hips to cup her bottom, she realized she might have waited too late.


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie aka Tory...As it so happens, I read Hot Spot this morning. You've known me long enough to know my preference for full length books but I "gotta" say, this was a short, hot read (with love involved) that I enjoyed very much. I particularly liked that the h/h were "older" (yes, a relative term;) and I do like "second chance" themes so it was a winner for me! ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

So glad to hear that Nancy. I have another friend/reviewer who likes full length over short and she slammed Up in Flames for being too short. LOL

Gonna let you in on a little secret. The inspiration for John's character in Hot Spot was a family member from about a hundred years ago. The same one who was recently killed.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie aka Tory...Some how I knew that;) ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Are you talking about Up in Flames or my other comment?

Nancy Bristow said...

Your other comment...about your friend. Sorry for the delayed reply, my time warp disease, you know;)