Monday, December 3, 2012

The Walking Dead

Where have I been? This series started in 2010! I just happened to catch the 24-hour marathon yesterday and couldn't pull myself away from the TV. Anyone here watch it? They're having another marathon beginning with the first episode on New Year's Day and I plan to watch it. Gotta catch up!

Don't hate me because I'm a syfy freak:)


Nancy Bristow said...

Hey Syfy Freak, Debbie...I don't hate you. *grin* Been out of circulation for awhile but working my way back.

There are a few syfy authors, like Cheryl Brooks, that I thoroughly enjoy but not my taste in movies or tv. We can't be alike in everything;)

I know for a fact that many times we covet the same man candies. THEN there's a throw down mama sita! <3 ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

LOL...nice to hear from you! Funny I'm the other way around. Don't like to read it but love to watch it on TV.