Saturday, December 15, 2012

My heart is broken today, as I'm sure our whole country is. I had to spend the night out cat-sitting for my niece and all I could think about was getting home to my daughter and grandchildren. Having a daughter in first grade, I knew yesterday's tragedy would hit my daughter doubly hard. I cried all night and when I finally made it home this morning, we sat at the breakfast table talking and crying together. 

Michelle shielded Alivia from most of the news for which I'm thankful. 

I can't help feeling, how do we get over this? And then I think about the parents that lost their babies yesterday, and wonder, how do they? 


squiresj said...

This is a tragedy that has hit our country hard. Why? Because a teenager in an act of violence ended many young children's lives affecting parents, grandparents and more. But the gun was not the problem, it was the teenager. This is something I as a parent would have a hard time dealing with. Also I am a grandparent now. Evil will be in the world until the end of time. One never knows where it will hit. My heart goes out to the families.

Tory Richards said...

The world we live in is a frightening place and I worry about my grandchildren. You're right about evil in the world.

Z said...

I have been crying for days and today I had to go get mine from the schools where we live now( used to live in RI)because of a bomb threat. I live in CT and RI until earilier this year and also have a first grader and my hearts breaks for those families.

Tory Richards said...

OMG! You must have been terrified! What is wrong with people? To play on our fragile emotions at a time like now. Or any time, for that matter. I'm still crying to be honest. I was watching my 2 year old grandson playing with his 6 year old sister, how much fun they were having. How they were laughing...I can't imagine life without them.

I'm in Florida and just saw on the news where several schools were closed due to threats. I hope the police are able to catch every single one of them!