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Thursday, November 8, 2012

You don't realize how quiet it is when the power goes off until it goes back on. All at the same time the dryer, dishwasher, TV, fish aquarium and fire alarm started up. Oh and let's not forget the beeps the clock on the stove,TV and microwave make. I don't know why the fire alarm went off, though.

All this interfered with Mason's morning nap, and I can only hope it didn't wake his daddy, who works nights.

Do we live in a spoiled world or what? When the power went off at 9:15, right in the middle of Kelly and Michael who had guest Robert Patten on, I lay on the couch for a moment like I was preparing for death or something. What happens now? And I immediately thought of the TV show, Revolution. LOL


Patches said...

I love the crisp air in Autumn, the way it wraps around you and gives you that extra little step!


Tory Richards said...

Me, too! The air seems so much fresher and easier to breathe. And you actually want to be outside.