Friday, September 14, 2012

Woohoo! I Love Reader Reviews!

Just saw this first review on Amazon for Passionate Encounters! 

This is my first Tory Richards book and while I usually hesitate to buy unrated books from authors unknown to me - this was a pleasant surprise. I was looking for a pleasant read, nothing requiring dictionary look ups or too much effort on a lazy day and came across this book. I am pleased to report that this is an engaging story of two people who are not looking for love, but find it none the less. The story is about the relationship between Emma, who is divorced and not actively looking for Mr. Right, and Mike, a cop and single dad who tries (in vain) to keep his emotional distance from Emma and keep his focus on his 13 year old daughter. While there is no doubt that Emma and Mike have serious chemistry between them, they can steam up a room, or a boat or hallway in no time at all - ahem - the strong and sexy cop tries his very best to keep his emotions out of the action. I won't give away then ending, but the HEA was happy for all. But I must say the ending was somewhat abrupt, although it does not deter me from giving an enthusiastic 4 stars! I will be reading other books by this author.

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