Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thought it was time for a little more inspiration. These pictures don't have to inspire you to write. They can inspire a lot of things. But for me, I can see a story in all of them.


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You Wen bewitching sharp edge burst open the door of bizarre light foot is doughty! 60 minutes of 1 ball 5 5 balls
The shoot in Matt when gym shoes had been dropped
Armour of meaning of Yahoo sports dispatch the 24th round of match, the match that Youwentusi is the same as Foluolunsa most leave first dozen, this game is very crucial, because Naples is the same as their integral difference to have 3 minutes only before epicycle match begins, youwentusi encounters epicycle Foluolunsa, naples encounters Laqiao, can saying is an acid test, the Youwentusi that takes the lead in coming on the stage nevertheless is won very relaxed, a bit in the Matt that gains a hair opportunity was not wasted advocate handsome accredit, with one foot beautiful goal is continueing oneself excellent position.
The match the 41st minute, the goal that Wuqiniji has depended on before this takes 1-0 to precede the Youwentusi of the advantage enlarged score again, of the goal is Mateli, bidaer the transverse drag in carrying a ball in forbidden zone Foluolunsa defends the attention of the player, he gave the ball subsequently ambuscade the Mateli that nods after, italian archer a bit did not hesitate, wonderful right leg is pushed shoot send a goal the door the ball, suo Dingsheng bureau.
Through slow-motion time put still can discover an interesting detail, mateli is before shoot oneself new war boots had been dropped, he is smooth foot achieved a goal, and after he scores a goal, also be to taking oneself gym shoes to be celebrated with teammate. Mateli is in in rest accept when interviewing, express, shoot when because be stepped on by adversary before gym shoes,wearing a shoe is, nevertheless he says, "Anyhow we must win a ball, this is the exclusive and correct business that I can do at present. " what the thing also expects into Mateli is same, subsequently match relaxed palm accused Youwentusi situation, take next victories.
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