Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Morning I Lost Control

This picture reminded me of something so I thought I would share it. I was working and it was my birthday. Since I usually left for the day before anyone else on my team they decorated and did some pranks that I would walk in to the next morning. The obvious were the streamers and balloons. 

The real prankster on my team was Steve. There was confetti everywhere. He even put some on a sheet of paper and slid it into my locked drawers. It took me weeks to clean them out. He then took black paper and put it over my computer screen. I had one of those dark privacy covers on it so I didn't notice the paper behind it at first. When I turned my computer on and nothing happened I just thought the system was down. 

I called IT to report the problem and halfway through our conversation I noticed what Steve had done. Felt like a complete fool! LOL The guy on the other end of the phone thought it was funny, too.

So, I removed the paper and began typing. I don't need to look at the keys to type but for some reason I glanced down as I placed my fingers on what should have been A-L. That's when I noticed all the keys were in the wrong place. What the heck? I don't know how long I stared at the keys trying to make sense of what I was seeing.

I began to mumble, were the keys always like this, and I'm just now noticing? It didn't take long before I realized Steve had taken the keys off and rearranged them on the keyboard so that they spelled out a message. I can't recall now, but it was something about getting old.  

My team laughed their butts off when they came in and I told them what kind of morning I had. The first thing I did was make Steve put my keys back in the right place. During my years there everyone knew you didn't touch my desk. One pencil out of place and I knew it. 

It's funny how the littlest thing can bring back a fond memory:)

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