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Thursday, September 27, 2012

I had to laugh...

I have some old Elvis and Frank Sinatra records and decided to list them on eBay. So I asked my granddaughter, Alivia, to hold them up so I could take pictures of them. Course Alivia had never seen vinyl records before and had questions. I explained that all the records I have, the people who sang the songs have died. 

So, you know how kids are. She got a little rough with old Frankie putting him back into the case next to Elvis and I said, honey, be careful, those records are fragile. And her response was priceless. She said, "Why? They're all dead." 

Anyway, I have a few Jim Croce albums I'm going to try and unload, too. Anyone remember who he was?


Bebe Balocca said...

Hi Tory! We are all into vinyl records at my house - both my husband and my 16 year old son have extensive collections and turntables - and I am a big fan of Jim Croce, too. Because my dad used to sing it all the time, "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" is my favorite karaoke song. And my sons know that when I call them Leroy Brown, they're REALLY being stinkers. Loved your post and picture. :)

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Bebe! I can't think of Jim Croce without thinking of Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Forgot Frank Sinatra sang it too because it's listed on the album I'm selling.

That's cool that you have record players and can still enjoy your records.