Sunday, September 30, 2012

Excerpt Up in Flames

“What are you doing Mr. White?” she whispered. 

“Helping you, I thought.” There was amusement swimming in his eyes. 

“By undressing me?” If this were under normal circumstances, she would be thrilled. And if she wasn’t still stressed over her current situation. 

“You can relax, Miss Masters. Your virtue is safe with me.” 

“I’m not a virgin.” Why had she said that? Rachel wanted the floor to open up and swallow her. 

His soft laughter filled the elevator. “Well in that case, maybe you’re not safe with me.” He nudged her hands away and continued what he was doing. 

His gaze followed his hands while he unbuttoned her blouse, and when he was done, he raised his eyes to hers. She detected a slight difference in his breathing, and his features hardened with what she wanted to believe were growing desire. He took his time opening her blouse all the way. She held her breath when he stared lazily at her sexy, black stretch mesh corset. 

Rachel loved wearing sexy under garments. She did most of her shopping at a little place called Just for Him in the mall by where she lived. The little number she had on today fit her body like a glove, showcasing her slightly full curves to full advantage. The mesh bodice shaped her breasts softly, revealing glimpses of skin meant to tease a man into wanting to discover more. Into wanting to do more. 

James sucked in his breath. “Well, this is a nice surprise. Not exactly what I was expecting.” He flicked the little satin bow between her breasts. 

Then wait until he sees my matching G-string. She couldn’t breathe for another reason now. The lust fire in his eyes fueled her desire to a feverish pitch. If he kept this up, she would forget where they were. Which was the point, wasn’t it? Maybe that had been his plan all along. 

“What were you expecting?” Rachel closed her eyes again, so she wouldn’t have to see the four walls closing in on them. “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” 

His husky chuckle sounded sexy as hell. “I wonder what else you’re hiding beneath this conservative suit.” It wasn’t a question but more of a curious statement. “You’re still tight. At least you are breathing a little easier. Feeling better?” 

She nodded. “As long as I can keep my mind off where I am I’ll be okay,” she admitted.

“What more can I do to help?”

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elizabeth said...

It was a short story, but I loved it. It's a great way to take one's mind off being claustaphobic, and being the start of a promising releationship.

Elizabeth Gray

Tory Richards said...

Why thank you! I actually wrote the story around that elevator scene:)