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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

A friend of mine just got done reading the popular book by E.L. James so I asked her to give me her review of the book and all the hype surrounding it. I don't plan to read the book but I will go to the movie when it comes out. Anyway, here's what Stephanie had to say for those of you who are interested.

She said that overall the book was good. She went out and bought the second one. That in spite of the hero treating the heroine like a cherished possession, he was really good to her. They didn't even have sex for the first time until page 166, 166 folks! It's a long book. Stephanie thought the sex scenes in the book were not much more than vanilla sex to her. The spanking scenes were anticipated with mixed feelings for the heroine and basically she didn't enjoy them. 

So I asked her, what did she feel all the hype was about? Her opinion? That someone who was someone read it and then plugged it and it took off from there. She said she thinks E.L. James just got lucky. What luck, huh? Good for her!

From the reviews I've read about Fifty Shades of Grey you either love it or you hate it. I've heard a lot of complaints about all the errors with grammar and sentence structure that riddle the book but Stephanie said she didn't notice any, of course she wasn't looking for any either. She's not a professional reviewer. So please remember that if this post prompts you into going out and buying the book. 

Stephanie is just a friend sharing her take on the book as she sees it.

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