Thursday, August 16, 2012

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The Mirage

He was sexy as hell. Tall, dark, and built like the Viking on the cover of the romance novel she was reading. She was glad to see he was wearing a boxer style swim suit. It emphasized his powerful thighs and brought attention to his six-pack abs. And the bulge at the front of his suit was impressive, revealing he didn't need one of those tight and tiny suits to bring attention to it.

She began to drool as his long strides brought him closer. His bare feet kicked up sand as he walked just at the edge of the water. And his eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses. A smile seemed to be playing on his sensual mouth, drawing her hungry gaze there.

God! He was sex on a stick. Eye candy she wanted to taste and lap up slowly. Savoring every lick, and bite. She wet her lips with anticipation. He was almost upon her. She could feel her heart begin to race. And glanced around to see if anyone else was near. She didn't want an audience. Her friend Lucy was next to her but she had a towel over her face.

Her Viking stopped at the foot of her lounge chair and gave her a huge, sexy grin that said come and get me, beautiful. She smiled, barely able to breathe. The awareness zinging through her body hotter than the Florida sun.

"Are you here for me, handsome?" she asked him.

"Who are you talking to?" Lucy asked.

She glanced at Lucy, to see that she was peeking at her from beneath the towel. Then glanced back at the foot of her lounge chair. 

No one was there.

The End

At the end of this hop I'm giving away a copy of The Cowboy Way, so leave a comment. Winner will be announced here. Make sure you hit the other sites because you have a chance of winning more than one prize. 

And have fun!

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