Thursday, July 12, 2012

OMG! I came to the conclusion that my sweet, little grandchildren don't care if you're sleeping or sick! LOL Their poor dad works nights so he sleeps, or tries to sleep until at least 12:00 most days. Mason, who won't be two until December, communicates with these ear-piercing, high pitched screams that literally give me goose bumps. There's no place in the house we can go that you can't hear them. When his sister is home they play good together, but he's communicating a lot more, if you get my drift. He's screaming, Alivia is screaming, and I'm screaming trying to get them to be quiet.

I watch them in the mornings until their dad gets up. I was feeling sick all day today and just wanted to lay on the sofa under a warm blanket. Do you know those little darlings still wanted breakfast? And drinks? What nerve! And I had to feed them lunch, too! LOL

I just texted my daughter and told her we're going to order sandwiches for dinner because I sure don't feel like cooking tonight!

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