Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In just a few weeks folks, Passionate Encounters will be released. Thought you might like a hot excerpt:) Not for readers under 18!

“Mike.” She gasped for air, unsure of the wisdom of what they were doing.

“Don’t say anything,” he rasped, gently pulling her blouse down until her shoulders were revealed. “Just feel.” He planted fiery kisses along the smooth flesh he slowly exposed.

She was feeling! Way too much, too fast. She’d been dreaming of this moment, yearning for it. Her clit was actually throbbing between her thighs, and moist heat dampened her panties. Her limbs were trembling wildly and she clutched Mike’s shoulders to remain on her feet.

Suddenly his hands were moving beneath her blouse and before she could murmur a protest, they were gliding slowly upward, bringing the material with them. Emma felt a cool draft against her midriff and then against her breasts. Their eyes clashed, and then Mike lowered his gaze to take in the bounty he’d just bared.

His low groan echoed through the small room as he bent his head, putting his open mouth on Emma. He took her naked breast in his mouth in an exquisite kiss that finished with a slow glide to the tip of her nipple. Once there, his tongue lazily circled the nub, lapping at it as if it was a tasty treat.

Emma shivered deliciously, burying her hands in his hair and holding him to her. As his tongue stabbed at her flesh, she was painfully aware of his fully aroused cock where it pushed against her. The strength and fullness of him made her hungry, and bold.

Uncontrollable desire forced her hand down his powerful torso until she reached the top of his slacks. She hesitated only briefly, until passion overruled common sense. With a muffled cry of surrender she let her hand continue down the front of Mike’s zipper. She teasingly trailed her fingertips over his impressive hard on until her actions drove him wild.

In a movement that bordered on savagery, he grabbed her probing hand and held it tightly against him, controlling the pressure while moving her palm up and down his rock hard shaft. An unbearable ache filled Emma. A need so intense it frightened her. She wanted Mike’s cock inside her.

A gush of silken heat exploded through her body, soaking her panties. “Oh god! Her soft cry seemed over loud in the quiet of the room.

He shuddered in a moment of weakness. The metallic taste of blood filled Emma’s mouth as she bit down hard on her bottom lip. Her eyes misted over with deep emotion. Please don’t stop! She uttered the words to herself. Then repeated them out loud.

“Please don’t stop.”

Mike’s head jerked back so he could meet her eyes, and then he was cursing sharply beneath his breath. His mouth returned to hers. And when his hands went back to her breasts Emma’s made quick work at unbuckling and unzipping his slacks. She reached inside, pulled his cock out and moved her hand up and down.

“Sweet Jesus!” Mike shuddered beneath her administrations. His breathing turned ragged and his hands slapped the door on either side of Emma as if he needed the support to remain on his feet.

Emma used his moment of weakness to drop to her knees. 


lorimeehan said...

Wow that was a great excerpt. Cant wait to read it.

Tory Richards said...

Thanks! So glad you enjoyed the excerpt.