Friday, July 27, 2012

Ever heard of Jimmy Thomas? You've probably seen him a hundred, maybe even a thousand times on the cover of some steamy romance novel. He's all over the place! There are a lot of handsome hunks out there, but lately wherever you look he's the stud on the book cover. Now, that's not a bad thing. I've actually seen the man in person, for a couple seconds, at the RT Convention I attended a few years ago. I remember thinking to myself at the time, he's okay. I guess I didn't get close enough to get the full Jimmy Thomas affect!

What an understatement! I spent two hours on his website last night, okay I'll be honest, it was more like three. Just scoping out the thousands of book covers he has in his collection. I couldn't pull myself away. By the time I left there I wanted one of my own. He has all the elements that make a hot cover. It's more than just his good looks. I was simply mesmerized by the time I was done glancing over his pictures. He definitely knows what works to capture your interest. And he's an animal lover! LOL

He made a comment about the famous Fabio on his site that made me chuckle. Because when I first began reading romance novels Fabio was the hunk on those book covers. I did a little drooling over him, too. I'm not sure but I don't believe he does book covers anymore. Once in a while I see him on TV, still a nice looking man.

But my goal was to have Jimmy Thomas on one of my book covers. And I was so surprised at how easy that was. All I had to do was purchase the art from his site. My first book with him on the cover is Passionate Encounters, which will be released in Aug! And notice my new blog. It was done over using another of his photos.

Book covers are one of the most important selling points. I know from my own experience that if the cover doesn't grab me, I won't grab the book.

Just check out the link below to see some hot, beautiful book covers with Jimmy Thomas as the hero!


Nancy Bristow said...

No doubt about it Debbie, Jimmy Thomas can rock out a cover but where we disagree is about the story behind the cover...for me, it's got to be the star:) Oh, and it just so happens I have any number of books where he is on the cover. *grin*

Tory Richards said...

No doubt:)