Monday, July 23, 2012

Due to a recent post by an author who unfortunately paid the price, I will no longer be posting Monday Man Candy. A reader was kind enough to direct me to this author's post, which went into great detail about copyright laws regarding the pictures people post on their blogs. Now granted, if someone takes a picture there are ways they can protect it from being used, but a lot of photographers don't. Whether from lack of knowledge or know how. 

Recently there have been mentions on FB about another author using protected pictures, where she went in and tried to remove the watermark herself, for her book covers. It was very obvious. So it appears this kind of thing is being noticed, and rightly so, and if you're caught you can be prosecuted. 

A lot of people aren't aware they can actually be sued for using photos that don't belong to them. It's up to us to make sure they aren't copyrighted. And luckily, there are sites out there where the pictures are free for all to use. And most photographers will give you permission to use their photos if you ask first. Lastly, there are sites out there where you can purchase pictures if you so choose.

With all the hype around ebooks being pirated, and how it effects us authors, it basically boils down to the same thing when we use someones picture. Especially if they're photographers trying to make a living off them. 

I'm including the author's link in case you want to read her article. It's very interesting, and a great FYI for those who didn't know.

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