Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why Republish Books?

I don't know why some authors do it, but I can tell you why I've done it. Three of my earlier releases were contracted by a well known epublisher who had a stellar reputation and longevity. I was excited beyond belief when they offered me contracts. Even more so when my books were put on the market in like, four months. Little did I know at the time that the editing of those books was half-ass done. They were more worried with making money, than putting out a good product. 

Later, after other issues and disappointments with the epublisher, I requested the book rights back. I was embarrassed to even be associated with them. Their reputation was in the toilet. What once had been a cream of the crop epublisher, that everyone wanted to get with, was now to be avoided like the plague. They were even losing some of their long time authors. 

Feeling that those books deserved another chance, and hearing that there were publishers out there that would accept pre-published work, I decided to submit them again. It didn't take long when I had new contracts for them. I was surprised when editors were assigned to me, though. I mean, they'd been edited and published once. 

I can't tell you how embarrassed I was when my new editors and I began to work on them. Even more so when I realized people had paid money to read them. They were a mess! I found myself apologising all the time. Mainly because I blamed my ignorance as part of the problem. Early on I didn't know what to look for, putting all my trust on my editor. I've sure learned a lot since.

To get these books ready for republishing I added a lot more content, and sexed them up for the erotic lines of the epublishers who contracted them. One was given a new name, and they all received new book covers. And when they hit the market a second time around they were stories I could feel proud of. 

Now I'm in the process of adding content and sexing up two other earlier releases. This time the publisher asked me if I would do it in order to release them in their erotic line, under Tory Richards. Both are mainstream romances published under my real name. So far I've completed one. The new and improved, highly sexed up version of Cupid's Arrow is Passionate Encounters. And I promise you it's hot!

For those who prefer the tamer version you will still be able to purchase Cupid's Arrow. And for those of you who might not know, that book was on the publisher's best seller's list for two consecutive months!


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