Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Please Welcome DC Juris!

I'm so thrilled and excited to have a special guest with us today folks. Here's your chance to learn more about DC Juris as a writer, and the interesting life he leads. 

Hi folks! DC Juris here. I'll be your guest host for today. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a transgender fella who writes GLBTQ and heterosexual romance, but mostly m/m. 

Ever seen the cartoon Family Guy? It's one of my Top Ten TV Shows. In one of my favorite episodes, one of the main characters, Peter, gets a job at the local news station, doing a spot called "Grind My Gears." Each night he talks about something that annoys him. 

I thought today we could talk about things that Grind Our Gears. I'll start. ::wink::

1. People who say "I hate to tell you this, but…" No, you don't "hate" to tell me whatever it is you're going to say. If you really hated to do it, you wouldn't do it. Or, at the very least, you'd have someone else do it for you. 

2. People who put LOL *g*, j/k, smiley faces, and similar random "I meant it but I didn't" symbols after snide remarks that really aren't intended to be funny. I'm not talking about poking fun at each other. A while back, a friend of mine posted on her Facebook, "Would it be wrong if I took a nap?" and I countered back with, "Nope. Just make sure you get up in time to have the Early Bird Special dinner. ::snicker::"  You see, my friend is thirty-two: just a year younger than me. So, when she mentions napping, I have a little chuckle. I certainly didn't mean anything rude by the comment, and she knew that. 

No, what I'm talking about is people who make passive-aggressive comments, follow them with LOL or :-) and think they're pulling the wool over your eyes. Comments like "I'm sorry to be such a troublemaker *g*" Yeah. No, you're not, else you wouldn't be. See #1. I guess I'd rather people be more like myself (I know… I know…) and just say what they mean, mean what they say, and own what they say. Don't back off. If you're annoyed, just show it. Don't cutesy it up with a little emoticon. Just be annoyed. 

3. People who enter contests and say, "I didn't come here to lose." Really? You didn't? Cause that's what everyone else is here for. The other contestants are just there for the experience of being in the contest. They don't really care if they win or not. Right?

4. "No offense, but…" Seriously? I find this one supremely gear grinding, since it's rarely ever followed by anything that anyone *wouldn't* take offense to. No one ever says, "No offense, but you're really pretty." Or, "No offense, but you did a good job today."

And finally, 

5. People who refer to others as a "vote whore" if they're asking for votes for something they're nominated for. So you don't care about XYZ Blog's Annual OMG Super Cool Awards. Well, guess what? Other people do. And frankly, you know which people I see bitching about this the most? People whose names are conspicuously absent from the ballot. I'm just sayin'. 

A Southern transplant who has retained none of his accent but all of his charm, DC Juris is an out and proud transgender bisexual living in Upstate New York with his husband, four dogs, three cats, and a menagerie of Halloween props just creepy enough to keep people guessing about his sanity. He's still hopelessly single when it comes to the woman in his life, and he'll gladly entertain offers or applications for the position! In the rare event that he's not writing, DC can be found surfing the internet for random research, killing things on his Xbox, reading, taking pictures of the world around him, or playing Farmville, to which he admits a complete and totally blissful addiction. You can keep up with him at HYPERLINK "", or HYPERLINK ""


cinful1121 said...

I enjoyed your post and think your hilarious. I jumped over to check out your website and snagged some free reads because...well one you make me laugh and two I am an avid reader and always love finding new to me authors. Oh and I started following you on Twitter. I'm really sporadic on the computer but sooner or later I'll jump on to catch up on everything and post book reviews. I'm looking forward to reading your work :D
Take care,

Nancy Bristow said...

Hi DC Juris...Welcome. I'm one of Debbie aka Tory's regular blog members.

Obviously my question to you is if you have any books that are published? I will check out your facebook page but I don't go there often because I end up staying way too long.

I'm a heterosexual female and an addicted reader but among all the genres I read is the occasional M/M. I find the right books can be a turn-on. Absolutely. I don't over-do reading the genre because too many M/M books and then I feel resentment that there is no heroine to which I can relate.

I found myself agreeing with a great deal in your five points about what "grinds your gears" but as to what grinds mine, if I were to write a list it could easily become a manuscript for no other reason than I've lived more than twice your lifespan. My general philosophy is "live and let live." And, I use smiley faces a lot but in a good way.:)

At this stage in life I let most of what "grinds my gears" go by the wayside because it simply doesn't warrant a waste of my time and energy...UNLESS somebody gets all up in my face or hurts an animal in my presence. That's when it gets ugly and I channel my super-bitch.

My only experience with upstate NY is West Winfield where one of my sisters used to live. Yikes! It was a extremely cold place and a very small town. The best thing there besides my sister and her family was the homemade sausage. It was quite the best I've ever eaten.

DC Juris said...

Hi Cindi! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the free reads!! As for my Twitter, I'm afraid you'll find I'm not a very good Tweeter. I barely get on there anymore but I do post promo stuff occasionally. Like, when I remember I have a Twitter account! LOL

Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by! West Winfield, let's see that's....about 2 hrs East of me, I believe. Never been there, but I've been in that area. It definitely gets cold! I know what you mean about not over-doing a genre - too much of anything can be a bad thing. I'm published with 5 different publishers, and have about 30 currently available works, and a few coming out this year, and a few previously published works in re-writes. I'm on Facebook allll the time so that's a good place to find me! LOL