Saturday, April 28, 2012

I cat sat for my favorite niece during the past week. She, of all people, won a cruise. I say that because she and her live-in boyfriend cruise all the time. Anyway, they have 4 cats, plus they take care of the neighborhood feral cats so I stayed at their house for a few days.

When I first got there I was almost afraid to leave my car. I kid you not when I say there were cats everywhere! All sitting around the front entrance way. There were several empty bowls and they were hungry. All of a sudden I was every one's best bud! According to the note that was left for me they are fed twice a day. 

The four cats inside? Talk about spoiled! There was a detailed note on when and where to feed them. I knew their names, Murphy, Porter, Hannah and Torti. I thought I knew which one was which but after talking to my niece yesterday I realized I got Porter and Hannah mixed up. According to the note I had to take a bowl of food to Hannah wherever she was because, and I quote, "she's a princess." No wonder Porter looked at me strangely every time I  brought him a bowl of food. And guess what, Hannah didn't starve:)

Weeze thought it was strange too, when I told her how Porter hung around me the whole time. Apparently he's usually aloof and Hannah is the clinger. But again, I had them mixed up. Poor little Torti cried the whole time, clearly distressed at them being gone. I was glad when she let me hold her to comfort her. Her little cries were pitiful. She was my bathroom buddy as every time I went, she was right on my heels.

It was a nice, quiet three days. I had to suffer a little bit, though. No sugar for my coffee. I searched every cupboard and got excited when I saw a bag of flour on a top shelf. Surely that's where they kept the sugar, too! But no, it wasn't anywhere. I ate one of their Magnum ice cream bars in retaliation. There were only 3 in the box and I figured I was preventing a fight when it came down to who got the last bar.

She was so sweet to leave out coffee but I found nothing but organic milk for creamer. My niece said, "didn't you see the creamer on the shelf right next to the milk?" Obviously not. No salt or pepper for my pasta. But they had every other kind of seasoning you could imagine. 

Okay, maybe I'm a little spoiled, too.