Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book in the Making...Unedited

page 2
Fuck. It didn’t take long before he felt a definite stirring below the belt. He’d always liked a woman with curves, and he knew Marissa’s inside and out. He’d never been afraid of crushing her in bed, against the wall, the stairs or any place they stole a  moment for a quick fuck. Recalling all the places they’d managed to screw caused a little quirk on his lips. Marissa was a tigress when it came to sex.

When Marissa reached the end of the runway she paused significantly. The room was suddenly a light by the flash of cameras as they went off in rapid succession. Capturing the beauty as she turned one way, bent her leg enticingly and paused for a few seconds. Then she pivoted Beau’s way. Her gaze moved with disinterest over the crowd, and stopped when it came to him. Their gazes locked. Beau could see the slight shock in her eyes before it was replaced with an emotion he couldn’t identify. By her reaction she didn’t know why he was there.

Gradually her expression changed. Was it his imagination or did the look in her eyes turn soft and lazy, and her mouth lusciously pouty? Then she gave a tilt of her head while keeping her eyes fixed on him. Slowly, seductively, the little witch reached for the clip in her hair, and he knew what was coming. His cock jerked against his zipper.

Marissa gave a shake of her head when she released it, and he watched an abundance of thick sable hair fall to her shoulders, and below. Once it settled into a soft cloud around her face he met her gaze again. Her full lips had turned up into a sexy  smile, while the come and get me gleam in her eyes teased his senses into full awareness. His hands curled, imagining them buried in that silky mane, just before he pulled her to him for a long, wet kiss.

Her tongue came out to dampen her bottom lip. Damn her! She was seducing him right there on the runway. Before she turned and glided away she pursed her lips at him, following it up with a wink that promised a hell of a lot more then he bet she meant. He’d never pegged Marissa for a tease.

But then, she was all grown up now.

Beau’s gaze followed her sexy gait back the way she’d come. He zeroed in on the rounded fullness of her spankable backside, and the backs of her creamy thighs. He was seeing a different side of Marissa. A more self assured woman than the innocent he’d divorced. His palms itched with the need to touch her again, like all the times he’d done in his dreams.  

Just before she disappeared through the part in the curtain she cast a glance back in his direction, and had the nerve to run the tip of her tongue over her top lip. The seductive act caused his cock to twitch, and his blood pressure to sky rocket. Beau sucked in his breath. He reached down without trying to be obvious, and re-arranged his aching shaft, which had swelled into full fucking mode. With the show over he left the room. He had a job to do.

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Caffey said...

Hi Tory! Gosh, I loved Beau's reaction to her and she was so a tease! Your writing rocks in all you do! So glad I visited and had a peek at what you are working on.

When's it out?!?! LOL

Cathie (Caffey)

Tory Richards said...

Hi Caffey, I just started this last week, adding a page of the book I'm working on every Wed. If you want to see what you missed last week click on the Book in the Making link above.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie aka Tory...a couple of things:

1) I wanted to know the reason Beau and Marissa had divorced.

2) I expected the word "dick" instead of "shaft".

See you next week;) ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Good question Nancy! I have to give that some thought. Have any ideas?

Shaft instead of dick. Lately I've been pondering that word and wondering why I don't see it very often in erotic romance. You probably read more than I do, do you see the word used often?

Nancy Bristow said...

1) It seems odd to me that they've been divorced for four years but are still so dialed into each other. Sex wasn't the issue between them so what was? Ummmmm? Apparently they were only compatible physically and not on a deeper, more emotional level.

When I asked the question, all I know is that it was my instant and immediate thought.

2) When rereading the page, in order to remain consistent and keep the flow even, the word "cock" fits better. In the third paragraph, it says, "His cock jerked against his zipper."

I'd say the word "shaft" is used more often in historicals.

books4me said...

Marissa is such a tease and love Beau's reaction! Can't wait to read more...