Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book in the Making...Unedited

page 3

And first on his list was sweet retribution.

Ex Marissa Evans needed to be taught a lesson.


Marissa slammed the door to her dressing room and leaned against it. Her heart was beating out of control and she was burning up inside. What was Beau doing there? And what had possessed her to act like she had? Past experience with the ex-Texas ranger should have reminded her that you didn’t bait a man like him. He was a take action man and the Beau she knew didn’t back down.

She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. God, how many times over the years had she yearned for him? Wished things had turned out different? Their brief marriage had barely lasted a year, thanks to her. Marissa realized long after their divorce that she’d been too young and immature to get married. They’d fought all the time, when they weren’t fucking their brains out.

Shivering, a tingle in her nipples told her they’d turned hard. If they could have bottled the sexual chemistry between them they could have made a fortune. A smile curved her mouth upward, and then she jerked with surprise when the phone rang. On her way to her dressing table she let the black chiffon shirt slide down her arms to the floor.

She hoped to hell it was her agent.


“Hey kiddo, how did it–“

“Thank god! I’ve been waiting for you to call back all afternoon. I got your message about the bodyguard and I’m telling you right now Kirk, I don’t want or need one.  I’m not…” Marissa caught herself before saying something she couldn’t take back. She forced herself to calm down when she realized she was yelling. “You’re blowing this thing way out of proportion.”

“Am I?” he said with the never ending calm and self-confidence she was beginning to find annoying.

But he was her agent, and good at what he did. Because of that she could put up with his irritating traits.

“You think it’s just a coincidence that two plus size models are dead?”


He didn’t let her finish.

“You think it’s just a coincidence that they both fell to their deaths?”


“And that they–”
“Will you let me get a word in?” Marissa snapped, frustrated. She was exhausted, hungry and she wanted a shower. “There’s been bigger coincidences, Kirk. The police haven’t even linked the two, ah, deaths.”

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Nancy Bristow said...

My thoughts on this week's page:

Well answered on the "why Beau and Marissa divorced" issue. I found it believable.

Marissa arguing about "coincidence" gets close to TSTL for me...probably because I'm not a big believer in coincidence and I want a heroine to always use her brains. Two prior deaths of runway models would be a red flag if I were a model.

A realistic look at police work and Marissa would know that just because the murders weren't linked is a meaningless fact.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...I should ask, "Do you hate me yet?" ~Nancy *grin*

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