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If you're looking for a steamy read, long, short or in between, where the characters are all over each other, get down and dirty, than I can guarantee that you will find something here. I'm going to level with you, my erotic romances are explicit and graphic in nature, but they all have happily forever or happily for now endings.

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Erotic Author

Saturday, April 21, 2012


...from Talk Dirty to Me

  1. Her body reacted instantly, thinking about him was one thing but seeing him in the flesh was even more powerful.
  2. Awareness exploded through her body, as she remembered all the times and places they'd had hot, naughty sex.
  3. How Blake had taken her to paradise a thousand times.
  4. Her panties became soaked as she clenched her legs together hoping to ease the need that was becoming unbearable.
  5. A pleasant prickling in her full breasts caused her to raise her arm and brush it over them to try to ease some of the ache.
  6. Blake hadn't changed at all.

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