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Saturday, March 17, 2012

My daughter did the sweetest thing for me this morning. She thinks I don't know. A beautiful arrangement of flowers were delivered from her manager, with a sympathy card attached. My granddaughter came to get me saying my flowers had arrived. I figured it was something she made so went out expecting to see a home made flower or something. As you can see it wasn't.

My daughter said it was for me from her manager. I thought that was so nice, comng from someone I didn't even know. I saw the card was missing but didn't ask where it was because I was beginning to get an inkling what Michelle was doing. She knows I've been feeling down the last couple of days. So I was surprised when she said, the card is here. She pulled it out from beneath a plate.

The card wasn't addressed to anyone but it was signed in a way that I knew the flowers had been meant for her. She was so sweet to give them to me. And they smell wonderful! I left them in the living room so we could all enjoy them.

I'm a very lucky mom!