Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Caved

I'm gonna break down and fly. My daughter said I should just get over it and book a flight so I did. I've been going back and forth for over a week and the bottom line is: I don't want to make the long drive by myself, and the train fare was as much one way (with a room) as it costs to fly round trip first class with Delta. It's really a no brainer! Even though I'm already stressing the flying part so much that my stomach hurts. I can't help it. I'm scared to death of flying. But I guess not to the point that it's going to keep me from going home for a week.

The train fare floored me. I could have just gone with a regular ticket but I would have been in that one seat for almost 24 hours. No way! So I checked out getting a room. Add $500 plus on top of the $300 something way! No way!

So, I leave the end of the month. I think, hope a change will do me good. I've been so emotional lately.


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...I can understand passengers being a bit nervous on a first flight (I was...way back in the '60's) but other than that...well, I'm an ex-flight attendant.

After my initial flight I LOVED it and a short number of years later I was accepted into "stewardess college.")

In order to fly and do my job well, I had to cop an attitude that if it was my time, it was.

Is your fear about crash landing?

Passengers didn't/don't act like it but a flight attendant's primary function is to safely evacuate a plane --- IF --- there is a chance to do so. It does happen...both crash landings and escape but overall air safety is phenomenal compared to all other modes of transportation.

It's passenger choice...they can listen for a few minutes about the safety procedures that are in their best interest in the unlikely event of a crash or not.

Good for you on getting over it and booking a flight. There is hassle attached to flying (much more so these days than years ago) but you can't beat the time factor. I love trains as well but the expense is as you stated...outrageous (I used to work for Amtrak.)

When I take a flight, I find it's perfect for a nap and/or to get lost in a good book. If you're reading something that can't take you away from where you are, then you're reading the wrong book;) ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Earl was a pilot years ago and told me more than once that it was safer than driving.

I have several fears about flying. Crashing in water,(big fear of drowning) no control, plus I'm clustrophobic. Oh and let's not forget the planes are getting older!

I have a couple books already picked out for reading but they won't take my mind off where I am. Legal drugs will do that:)I know, I'm a basket case! I already have 3new zits! LOL

I can understand the attitude to get through your job. I remembered you were a stewardess but didn't know you also worked for Amtrak.

Nancy Bristow said...

I had to laugh about the zits:) I'm glad I'm not the only old woman who gets them occasionally.

Since there are life vest on the plane and your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device, I'd be more concerned about sharks rather than drowning...obviously depending on the body of water one landed.

I hear you about the control thing but once we admit that we control nothing that fear could disappear.

I don't know about claustrophobia...nobody can talk you out of your fear. That's for you to do for yourself and you've already got a good start. I think the flying time your looking at is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 hours. There's not much that you can't do for that amount of time. You've made a brave choice for yourself, now bring it home.

Yes, the planes are getting older but so are we and everything else;) Seriously, you're a woman with a good head on her shoulders so I know you don't honestly think an airline is going to deliberately put faulty equipment in the air and risk untold repercussions.

You know what...the flight could be used perfectly if you treated it as research project for a future storyline. It could even have the element of 'fear of flying' and how the hero or heroine worked it through. Just a thought and if nothing else, to write stuff down helps all of us deal.

You know I want you to win my friend.