Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Excerpt of The Mercenary Way

“You can be the most irritating female when you want to be,” he barked out of pure frustration,
remembering to keep his voice down. He had a mind not to even come back for her. Sarah was full of piss and vinegar, traits he wouldn’t normally find appealing in a woman, yet his body’s reaction to her was a contradiction.
“Why, because I won’t let you bully me?” He watched the emotions running across her dirty face.
“You’re not leaving me.”
Aggravated that she’d just read his mind caused him to growl, “I already told you I wouldn’t. I haven’t gone to all this trouble to dump you in the jungle where Rodriguez can get his hands on you again.”

“Then what do you get out of this?” she inquired, watching him. “I hope you’re not expecting money.Susan and I own a small business, but we’re not rich.”

“Then maybe I’ll take a little piece of ass.” Clint enjoyed the hot blush rising to her cheeks, knowing it’d be a cold day in hell before he got anything from her. Except maybe a swift kick where it counts.
Suddenly tired of their banter, he demanded in a voice laced with impatience. “Are you going to stay here until I come back for you or not?"

“Do I have any options?” She pressed her lips and crossed her arms.

Clint could be just as obstinate. “No.”
“Besides, where else would I go?”

Something in her voice sent up warning flags. Releasing a breath of irritation, Clint swore, his eyes
falling to that smart mouth of hers. He knew a fake smile when he was looking at one. He stared at her
for a long tense moment. “My gut’s never wrong. You can’t be trusted.”
“Then maybe you should take me with you. I’m not the enemy here, Clint.”
He sighed deeply and rolled off her, mumbling beneath his breath, “I’m warning you, Sarah, don’t make me regret this. If I tell you to jump off a cliff, you jump off a cliff. No questions. You got that?”

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