Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poor Little Bear Cat

He's the little black cat Earl and I share at our Winter Haven home. An indoor cat that somehow got out (Earl has a habit of leaving the door open) the other day and spent the whole night out. The next morning Earl said he heard a faint crying outside and when he opened the door Bear Cat came out from beneath the car. The poor little guy was all chewed up! He had blood on him and some kind of injury to his back. We rushed him to the vet.

They had to sedate him in order to look at his wounds. Then shaved him wherever they located them. Not only did he have a lot of puncture wounds he was scratched deeply in places. I would say by the location of the wounds on his back that he was running away from whatever it was attacking him. The bite marks on his stomach revealed he must have been pinned to the ground at some time during the fight. I felt so bad for him, and so mad at Earl. I can't tell you how many times I warned him about leaving the door open!

Bear Cat has never been out, so therefore he couldn't have been prepared for what could happen to him in the outside world. I hope he got in some good scratches, too, and I'm thankful he still has his claws. Otherwise, it could have been a very different outcome. Unfortunately, we have to look out for any sign of rabies now. His shots were outdated and the vet couldn't give him one because his system was stressed.

After we brought him home from the vet I overheard Earl say to Bear Cat, "did you learn your lesson about wanting to go out?"  And I snapped right back, "did you?" You see, Earl had actually thought he'd trained Bear Cat not to go near the door. I was constantly telling him that cats are curious and will do what they want.

Last night as Bear Cat sat at the foot of Earl's chair looking up at him, looking so pitiful with all his bare spots that reveal so much, I glanced at Earl to see he was crying. Then he said, "I did this to him." No words were necessary. I hope they both learned their lesson.


Tara W said...

Awww. Poor Bear Cat. I can only imagine how bad Earl must feel. I bet he is going to shower the poor cat with attention and extra love from now on.

Tory Richards said...

LOL, sounds like you're looking through a peep hole into our house:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie/Tory...A speedy recovery to Bear Cat and Earl. It sounds like Earl has always loved Bear Cat but just forgot that our pets can never be ultimately responsible for their own safety. It simply doesn't work that way. As bad as Earl feels, I've no doubt he will be more vigilant in the future. I'm glad they'll both get a do-over. ~Nancy

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