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Monday, January 2, 2012


My goals for 2012. I just joined the ASPCA! I love animals and those darn tear jerking commercials finally wore me down. What's next? You'll have to come back for #2:)

While I'm talking about animals, here's the Christmas gift I treated my 3 furry felines to. And they love it! Gin Gin has actually claimed the house as her own,  even though she's on one of the shelf's. Jezzie and Woofy have claimed the top. Of course Alivia had to get into the picture.


Debby said...

Your black and gray cats look just like mine. They could pass for twins. Good luck with the ASPCA. I give my students extra credit if they volunteer at the local animal shelter.

Tory Richards said...

Cool idea! I've often said that once I retire I would like to donate some time at a shelter.

Nancy Bristow said...

It may be a cop out but I do not volunteer at a shelter...I can't be objective enough for it not to overwhelm me. I do, however, make an automatic donation to ASPCA every month, which I've done for a couple of years...even though I no longer have a pet.

Tory Richards said...

At least you know your strengths and weaknesses my friend:)