Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blog Hops

Morning all! I wanted to talk to you about blog hops. Anyone know what they are? You've probably noticed during the holidays that I participated in a few. And recently I've joined one in particular called Just Romance Me Blog Hops. We have yet to set our first blog hop up but it's coming.

I've discovered that blog hops are fun! Not only do they bring people together but the hosts also give a lot of cool prizes away to the readers. You might want to play the next time you visit a website where one is going on. During one of the holiday blog hops I joined there were over 400 participating authors. Know what that means? There were over 400 prizes up for grabs! And blog hops run for more than one day so you have time to visit all the participating blogs.

Here's how it works:

The author signs up at the website hosting it. On the day the hop begins the author puts up a post explaining what it's about, what he/she is giving away and what you have to do for a chance to win it. They usually keep it simple. The author will also list the link list of the other blogs participating, or the link to the main page where the list is located. All you have to do for a chance to win the prize is visit each blog and do what they request.

The more blogs participating the more chances you can win something. Of course, you have to visit each blog, too. And you always have the chance of winning more than one giveaway! This is an easy way to find new blogs and make new friends.

Try it the next time you see one posted.

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tammy ramey said...

i love blog hops. i have won a ton of great books and gift cards not to mention candles and bookmarks and other items. love them and try to enter as many as i can. i am picky about it though, i don't enter those that are for kids books or mostly YA books as i don't read them and have no children. i figure i will let someone that has kids play those. also don't play those that are outside something i will read(horror/syfi/etc.) i don't want to take what someone else will enjoy just to let it sit on a shelf and never be used,