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Monday, December 26, 2011

OMG, people are crazy! Today was the third biggest shopping day of the year. Are you kidding me? As if black Friday wasn't bad enough. I'll never understand why anyone would want to fight the traffic and crowds to return gifts family and friends spent time looking for, or to spend those gift cards as if they'll expire any second. Okay, so maybe there are some terrific deals out there. But is it worth it? I tried that route one year and stashed the stuff away, totally forgetting about them the following Christmas. 

Did you have a nice Christmas? I had to work that morning and spent the rest of the day with Earl. I had a stomach virus so was sick a couple days. In spite of that I fixed a small ham dinner for us. Napped and watched A Christmas Story. Just enjoyed spending quiet time together.

Less than one more week and we'll be entering a new year. I've already got some exciting things planned! Like an MRI, Dexa Scan and Mammogram:)

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