Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Done!

Finished up my Christmas shopping this weekend. Did most of it online but did pick up a few toys for the baby at Wal-Mart. My daughter wrapped all the kids stuff last night after they went to bed. I hate wrapping. And she refuses to let me put them in a gift bag. Had to laugh because when she was done she put everything under the tree and said, there's Damein's stuff, pointed to a stack, there's Alivia's stuff, then Masons. Then she pointed to a spot and said, and there's my stuff. I said, I don't see anything. She said, that's my stuff! Nothing.

She has stuff, she just doesn't know it yet.

By the way, not a good idea to get your nails done right before shopping. In less than an hour three of them were messed up good!


Jane said...

I wish I were done with my Christmas shopping.

Maria D. said...

I'm almost done shopping and I haven't gotten my nails done in a long time...I just keep them short because I spend so much time on the computer these

Tory Richards said...

I hear your pain, Jane:)

Hum...I've been in a writing slump so maybe I need to cut my nails and see what happens.