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Thursday, December 8, 2011

For years I have had to live with constant pain in my back, hips and legs due to a degenerative condition. There were days when I could barely walk. Times when my leg would give out, or be numb to the point that I would stumble because I didn't lift my foot high enough off the ground.

The last year or so I've had to grab shopping carts in order to make it through the store. The last time I went to St. Augustine the baby stroller came to my rescue. Finally I have some relief! My doctor started me on cortisone shots in my spine and I felt a big difference after the first one. Today I had number two.

I've even started getting some decent sleep again! I can only have three shots a year so I'm hoping I can skip next week and bank it for later. I know surgery is down the line but for now I'll take the shots and gladly.

What a difference, not to have some kind of pain every day. Whoohoo!!!


June M. said...

Have you tried the TENS units? It is a small device that you attach to adhesive electrodes and place on your body wherever you have pain (just not the head or neck). The unit then sends electronic "shocks" to you that sort-of short out the pain. I have degenerative discs in my back and a lot of pain in back, hip, and down leg too. This will sometimes help me when other things won't. It may help you to keep from having to have surgery so soon. If you are interested, talk to your doctor about it. I LOVE mine.

Karen C said...

Wonderful news! I hope being pain free continues through the holidays for you.

Tory Richards said...

Actually when I was going to the chiropracter he used the TENS units on me. If I went once or twice a month it helped some but I've always had some kind of pain every day.

Unfortunately I have other issues:(

Tory Richards said...

Me too Karen! Right now it's looking good. Or should I say, feeling good:)