Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm getting a new assistant at work! I know I shouldn't rejoice, but the young woman I inherited when I got there has been a thorn in my side from day one. We butt heads, to say it mildly. She thought things should be done her way, I thought things should be done my way. With tons more experience, and being the boss, it usually went my way. Not to say I can't bend or give in at times. If she proved her case I had no problem with that.

She was the kind of assistant that rarely backed me up. Especially when I called team meetings. It was as if she would purposely say something that would put me on the spot. I tried explaining to her that it was okay not to agree with a decision I'd made, but that I would appreciate her support in front of the group. Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I was wrong.

She's being moved to a different department, and I promoted another woman on the team that already has management skills and experience in her past. She was ecstatic! I think it will be best for all around.


Karen C said...

That sounds like an immediate stress reliever, to me!!

Maria D. said...

Yay! Hopefully this will make for a better day all around!

Tory Richards said...

For sure Karen!

A better life, Maria! I spent the day training my new assistant and I think she's going to be great. She's smart, easy to get along with, proactive, and isn't afraid to make decisions.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie/Tory...Sounds like a win-win all around:) During our working years we spend more waking time in the office than we do at makes sense to have that time be spent in the most pleasant environment possible. ~Nancy