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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good morning all! Just popping in to say happy Sunday. It's raining here. Has been all weekend. But you know I love it. It's the kind of steady rain that really soaks into the ground and leaves everything looking so new and green. Course, no one likes driving in it, including me. Makes the roads so dangerous and a couple of times I felt like my car was on skies.

I hope this means a change in the weather for us. For a while anyway. The last few days have been really nice. I haven't worked up a sweat in a week! LOL And that usually requires just opening up the front door in Florida:)


marybelle said...

It rained here yesterday too. Maybe it was a global phenomenon. Wouldn't that be freaky?

Tory Richards said...

I love the rain, and we certainly need it. Although it and the cooler weather make my hips hurt.