Friday, September 30, 2011

While driving home from work the other day I saw something on the side of the road ahead of me. As I got closer it moved and I was able to make out a flash of brown and white. Then, I caught my breath as a beautiful bald eagle took flight. So close yet so far. It was majestic. Any time I see wild life along the road I smile, and a warm feeling invades my being. In a flash the stress of a long day, or being in heavy traffic goes away.

The sight reminded me of my cruise to Alaska a few years ago. We saw hundreds of bald eagles during that ten days. Did you know that if you're caught with a bald eagle feather, even one you've picked up off the ground, that you can be fined $10,000? At least that's what we were told. Before going to shore everyone was given a brief education of the dos and don'ts with regard to any wild life we might encounter.

I've had friends say they've seen eagles here in Florida, but that was my first. I usually see small deer or wild pigs, and the occasional alligator. I'm constantly searching out the tree top nests where Osprey, a smaller bird of prey that resemble the eagle, makes its home. Seeing that grand bird spread his wings and take off made my day.


marybelle said...

They are magnificent. $10,000 - I wouldn't dare.

Tory Richards said...

A smart person wouldn't:)