Thursday, September 1, 2011

A motorcycle rider on the interstate clipped the back of a truck, was thrown off and then ran over by on-coming traffic Tuesday. The person who ran over him didn't stop. It was dark and they say he/she probably didn't even know what they hit. The accident was horrific. My daughter got caught up in the traffic and when she came to the scene said she thought it was several people killed because there were several areas covered up. We later found out it was just the one man. It was a gruesome shot later of a lone man walking around with a red bio hazard bag picking up what you can only imagine.

The story reminded me that I've known two people who were killed riding a motorcycle. One wasn't wearing a helmet and the head trauma was too severe. The other was a hit and run victim, and the husband of one of my best friends. Her story of how she found out was horrible in itself.

She'd gone to bed that night, knowing her husband was stopping off at one of his favorite places to unwind and spend some time with the boys. On his way down the mountain he was hit and killed. She thought it was strange when she woke the next morning and he hadn't come home. When she went to the door to see if his bike was in the driveway a card fell to her feet. The coroner tried knocking on the door during the night but when there was no answer he left his card in the door.

My friend fell apart as you can imagine. She said she knew immediately. She called the number and simply asked if her husband was deceased. They confirmed and told her what happened, apologising for leaving their card in the door. I just can't imagine someone doing that. How insensitive and detached they must be. Either that or they've never lost a loved one.

To this day they haven't found the driver of the vehicle that killed him, but they know who he is. He's been in hiding.


Kathryn Merkel said...

So sorry you daughter & friends had to go through that. Motorcycle riders are very aware of the risks that they take each time they climb on their machine. Sometimes they are at least partially to blame when something tragic happens, but there are way too many other drivers who have no respect for the cycle riders on the road. I have known people who lost their lives or were gravely injured while riding free on 2 wheels, but none of the survivors have given up their bikes, because they believe the rewards are worth the risks. All the rest of us can do is pray for their safety.

marybelle said...

What an horrific way to find out about a loved one.

Tory Richards said...

I've never been on a motorcycle and never plan to be. My son-in-law has talked about getting one and both my daughter and I pray that he doesn't. They litterly have nothing to protect their bodies when they get into an accident.

My friend who lost her husband still has her bike but hasn't been on it since his passing.