Monday, September 19, 2011

The love of my life is in the hospital again. He has a bone infection this time. When they release him, hopefully tomorrow, he will be in for 6-8 weeks on intravenous antibiotics. Thankfully they can put a pick in his arm and a nurse will come to the house every morning to administer it. The last time he was on something like this he had terrible side effects from the medicine. I hope this time will be different. He's been through so much!

Going to the hospital the last few days has brought me to the conclusion that I hope I die before I get sick. I listen, watch and see it's a place I don't even want to visit. It's dirty. And the poor staff are so overworked they don't have time to really get to know the patient enough to care. They're so detached. And they seem to have no sense of urgency.

Earl's first room mate had a mental issue. He'd holler out things like praise the lord and glory be the lord, and was never left alone. I wondered if he was dangerous and eventually they moved him to another room. Yet we could still hear him yelling and singing out. His next room mate was a young alcoholic who was warned he was killing himself.

The third man they moved in the bed next to Earl was violently sick. It made me sick. Poor guy was begging for a nurse to come help him so I finally went to the nurses station to let them know. By the time I got back to the room the smell almost knocked me over. I felt so bad for Earl. So I went back to the station and asked for some air sanitizer. I was told they aren't allowed to use it and that the smell would go away.

I just glared at the unfeeling woman. All this was happening during dinner time. I wanted to drag her ass down to the room and stick her nose in it. So I dragged Earl out into the hallway and found him a chair while someone cleaned up the room. Praying he doesn't get sick before he comes home.


Karen C said...

So sorry to hear this, Tory. Will keep you both in my prayers.

tammy ramey said...

i am so sorry this has happened to your and yours. it is unfortunate but true that this is the true state of our medical now days.
i fell down a flight of concrete stairs 4 years ago and injured the facet joint in my lower back and although i know what treatment i need i can not get the insurance company to pay for it. it is a work injury and i am still fighting a lawsuit with workers comp and my old employer and now i am fighting social security.
all of the time i am fighting i am still not getting the help i need and no one (DR.'s)care unless i can pay in full,in cash which i can't do because i was fired when i got hurt and now i can't work.

i came to the conclusion that the medical proffession has forgotten what their oath really means, if it meant anything to them in the first place.

marybelle said...

I am recently out of hospital myself & my experience was so different I'm glad to say. I received the best of care, went to theatre twice, saw the top specialists in the field & the nurses were only a buzzer away. I went into hospital as a public patient & walked out not paying a cent. Thank God for the health system in Australia.

Tory Richards said...

Thank you Karen.

Don't give up Tammy. Sometimes I think they try to ware you down so you eventually just say to hell with it. Then you have nothing! It might take years. I thought it was against the law to fire someone who gets injured on the job.

I had a feeling you weren't from the US when I was reading your comment, Marybelle. Lucky you:)

tammy ramey said...

it is against the law and that is why we are fighting them.
they ,of course did not say they fired me because i was injured,but beacuse of a medical seperation and then at the bottom of the letter they said i was fired because of my injury.
it all means the same thing, i got injured on the job and they fired me because of it.

what they don't seem to understand is that i don't care how long it takes i am not going to give up. they can't just do this kind of thing to people and get away with it, and they certainly can't do it to me and get away with it. :)

tammy ramey said...

did you recieve my email about winning the monthly contest? if not i can send it again.
please let me know.

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie/Tory...Bummer for both you and Earl. There's not much I can say other than hopefully the antibiotics will work as they should without the side effects and that a speedy recovery is involved.

I also hope I die before ever having to go into a nursing facility but unfortunately it's not a choice we get to make. I've visited some nursing homes, even a couple of decent ones, and I still wanted to beat feet to the nearest exit as fast as possible. The whole atmosphere was God awful and thoroughly depressing.

I can still see the zombie like patients in their wheelchairs clustered near the nurses station for no apparent reason other than being out of their rooms or just for the sake of being part of a group. It was a sad and pathetic sight and always a jolt that any one of us could find ourselves in exactly the same circumstances.

Hospitals do not do extended or long time care and boot patients directly to a nursing home if long term care is involved. As always, with enough money there are alternate choices but for the majority of us there isn't.

I wish I knew the answers to improving this country's health care system.... ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Yep, just got the email Tammy and sent you the info for your gift certificate.

I'm glad you're not going to give up. You have your whole life a head of you. I have a cousin who had to fight them for 10 years before they finally gave him a decent settlement. He had a back injury, too.

Tory Richards said...

Thank you Nancy. Just being home again has perked Earl up, however knowing him that will go out the window every time the nurse shows up.

I think it's sad, too. People work all their lives for the things they love and in the end most of them have to give everything up to be placed in one of those homes. There they get a tiny room where they might be able to have a picture or two.