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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I held a breakfast for my crew at work today and it went really well. Being the new kid on the block, and the boss on top of that, my welcome has been less than, well, welcome. With a new boss comes a lot of change and adjustments. 

Co-Workers Eating Lunch In the Breakroom At Work - Royalty Free Clipart PictureBut this morning I saw smiling faces and I heard a chorus of thank yous go around the room. It made the money I spent out of my own pocket, and the effort to show that I recognize and appreciate them, worth it.


Jane said...

That's great, Tory. Sometimes you do have to spend a little money

Karen C said...

One of the things that my staff used to love was chair massages. Of course, I was allowed to budget for 'staff appreciation', so it didn't come out of my pocket. I did spring for donuts, etc. fairly often.

Hopefully your breakfast treat will help.

marybelle said...

A little appreciation goes a long way.

Tory Richards said...

Sigh...chair massages. What i wouldn't give for a good massage! I had an office buddy who would give me one every once in a while and he had such strong hands. He always managed to find the lumps and work them out. I would go as limp as a wet noodle:)

You're right about that Jane. After a while just saying that you're doing a good job falls on deaf ears.

Ditto Marybelle:)