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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sixteen Years in a Bag

When I retired from Disney I brought home two good sized boxes of stuff. Junk that I'd collected over the years. Plaques, awards, the yearly cast member gifts, pictures and poop. Yes you heard me, I brought home poop. How many people can say they have a ball of Kudu poop, and didn't have to go to Africa to get it? I don't know how it was treated but it's glossed over with a shellac kind of substance. There's no odor and it's hard. I use it as a paperweight. What I really wanted was elephant poop. That would have made a neat lamp base!

Here's a picture of Jezzie checking it out. I guess you have to be a lover of animals in a big way to really understand the coolness of having something this unique. Maybe not.

Anyway, I finally got around to going through those boxes this morning. Sixteen years in two boxes dwindled down to a bag in record time. Things that were important to me at some time, were just taking up space I no longer have. My ten year plaque, still in the box, and the castle I couldn't wait to get. My partner's in excellence statue. I wore the pin proudly. You'd have to be a cast member to understand the significance of that award, which they no longer give out.

Sixteen years of service stuffed into a bag. Pictures, small keepsakes, and poop.


wanda f said...

I think the glossed over poop is unique and I can see the appeal of it .I myself like to look for themost unique souvineers I can find and I have shelves of items in my collection.My prized top two items are a bunch of shells glued together to make little crablike people playing poker at a large shell table smoking cigars and drinking cokes for my top fave and my second fave is a shot glass holder that looks like a pink flamingo with his wings holding the glass that reads drink till you turn pink .:)


Tory Richards said...

LOL...my kind of gal! Do you keep all your stuff in a glass cabinet? Would hate to have to dust it all:)