Sunday, July 10, 2011

Well, I decided to join twitter and goodreads. As if I need one more place to remember to go to keep in touch with friends and family. And promote my books. Let's be honest. Twitter seems easy enough, just pop in once in a while and twit. Goodreads was a little more difficult to set up and until I figured out what I was doing I started out by adding my own books to my book shelf. And why not? I've read them all, several times, and I loved them! LOL I don't have much time for reading these days so most of the books I listed were read years ago.



LuAnn said...

I've been with Goodreads for quite a while and have met some great people there. As for Twitter, I'm fairly new to it and I love reading what others I know write. But I'm often at a loss for what to write myself!

marybelle said...

I find Goodreads is a great lace to read reviews.

Tory Richards said...

I'm kind of the same way LuAnn. Never know what to say so sometimes I just pop in to say hi and have a nice day.

I know I've read some, Marybelle!

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie aka Tory...I'm a member of Goodreads but use it to read reviews. My library is posted at Shelfari and has been for a number of years now. As it stands, I'm about two months behind posting but I'll catch up eventually.

*Grin* if you went to the Shelfari site today, you'd see the last book I posted was Her Hands-On Man...which by the way, I had to manually add since it wasn't available for selection. Most of the others of yours are available:)

I'm not a member of Twitter but of Facebook, where I occasionally post. The site's enjoyable but can be such a time suck that I limit myself. Between that and being active on a couple of blogs, email, and entering contest it's hard to keep a balance and still leave time for my reading passion. There is not enough time to do it all so like others, I make choices. ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

Yeah, I've heard of shelfari, Nancy. Will have to check it out some day.

LOL, like your time suck comment. It's so true!