Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot X-Rated Excerpt

HER HANDS-ON MAN...warning, extremely explicit!

As soon as Jake closed his mouth over Ivy’s, he knew there would be no turning back. Kissing her was like savoring the first mouthful of the best scotch money could buy. She had Angelina Jolie lips. Decadently full, velvety soft, sweetly wet. And even though he suspected she’d opened her mouth to protest, he used it to his advantage, slipping his tongue inside to taste and explore hers. Her resistance melted away like a drop of snow on a sunny sidewalk.

Having her so near after months of going without her turned his cock so damn hard that he groaned in pain. He thrust against her, seeking relief, knowing he wouldn’t find it until he was buried inside her body. Releasing her wrists, he caressed down her soft arms to her full breasts.

Ivy whimpered and arched against him hungrily, encouraging Jake in the way he remembered. As their mouths continued to work feverishly against each other, Jake took hold of the edges of her blouse and ripped the fragile silk open.

He wasn’t playing games.

He pulled back enough to take in the bounty of her beautiful breasts. Ivy had never liked wearing a bra, but she had one on today. A scanty piece of lace that was sexy as hell. Enticing cleavage and soft flesh spilled over the lace shaping them and Jake could just make out her erect brown nipples. Losing control, he lowered his head and began to kiss, lick and suck the little crowns until she was squirming wildly against him.

Ivy cried out. He recognized her sound of pleasure, knew what she wanted. The next thing Jake knew, her hands were buried in his hair and she was holding him tightly to her. When he was done with her breasts, his hands fell to her writhing hips. He held her firmly, groaning weakly, letting her movements tease the throbbing hunger of his seeking cock. Damn, it had been too long! She felt too good against him and nothing else mattered at that moment but fucking her.

I don’t give a damn where we are.

Lust was riding him hard. The need to bury his cock in her tight pussy was driving him past finesse and protocol. They didn’t have time for foreplay and Jake knew he’d never make it anyhow. His hands went to the edge of her short skirt. He lifted the material up her thighs until it was around her waist.

“Oh god!” Ivy twisted with a mixture of panic and need in her voice. “Jake, not here.”

He was aware of her hands trying to push her skirt back down. He laughed huskily, easily overpowering her. “Anywhere, anytime, any way.” He groaned with pleasure at finding the sweet treasure between her legs.

Ivy gasped sharply. “I didn’t agree to anything.”

“You forget that I know you, baby. The sounds of your pleasure, the way your body comes to life when I touch you. You’re as horny as I am right now.” He flicked his finger across the silk covering her wet mound. He felt her legs tremble with reaction.

“No, Jake…”

Jake ignored her. If she really meant no, he’d know it.


Anonymous said...

those are definately bedroom words :)

marybelle said...


Tory Richards said...

LOL...YOU would show up here on a day when I post an X-rated excerpt!

Tory Richards said...

I warned ya Marybelle!

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