Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Anyone who lives in Florida has probably heard of a small, spiritualist town called Cassadaga. It's just half an hour down the road from me and I went there for the first time on Friday. A good friend went with me. We decided we wanted to experience our first readings. The town is tiny, and has always been known for that kind of thing. As I drove down the narrow road toward the camp I noticed several houses with signs out front saying they were psychics, inviting you to stop.

I continued driving to the camp, looking for the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Bookstore and Information Center located in the Jackson Davis building on Stevens Street. A place I'd tried to set my nextar to but Cassadaga wasn't recognized so I was left on my own. Hummm...not sure why it wasn't recognized since it's been around for 116 years.

After doing a little shopping we grabbed a bite at The Fish House in the Cassadaga Hotel. I had fish tacos and Laura had scallops. The food was good. Thank goodness it wasn't too hot because the ceiling fans would not have been enough for either of us. If they had air we didn't feel it. When we were done we went back to the bookstore and paid for our half hour sessions with a medium that took place at Harmony Hall, circa 1897.

It was an interesting experience that turned a little emotional for me when I felt certain she'd channeled into my dad's spirit. If you want to believe in that kind of thing. I did and do believe the possibility of anything until proven otherwise. And she said some things she had no way of knowing. My friend left her session feeling the complete opposite. She thought it was a waste of money.

We left shortly after that, thanks to the rain. Below is a link you might find interesting if you want to know more. It goes into more detail of the history and there are a lot of interesting photos.



Karen said...

Oh, it sounds like a fun thing to do! I'd like to think I have an open mind and would be receptive to a reading. Glad it worked for you.

Jane said...

I heard about this town on an episode of "The Glades."

Karen said...

Jane, oh my gosh - you're a right! It's all coming back to me now. Apart from the murder, it sounds like a fun place to visit .. *giggling*

marybelle said...

I am open to the possibility, but I don't think I would have the courage to step up.

Anonymous said...

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