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Name Before the Masses Tour!

Look who's here with us today folks! Sara Reinke is on tour with Goddess Fish Promotions and she'll be talking about her books, research, and tempting you with an excerpt.

Sara on research -

Research is a huge part of writing for me. I try to approach every book as an opportunity for me to either learn something new or apply something I know to my plot and/or characters. Since I’m going to nursing school at the moment, that often comes in pretty handy, lol.

Fifteen years ago, I decided to give up writing fiction and pursue an Associate’s in nursing degree. I enrolled at a local community college and began my nursing coursework. However, I had to leave the program after less than a year because I had a Bachelor’s degree already in another field, and was going broke — as good a time as any to tamp down a dream and go back to work along my original career path.

However, I never lost interest in the medical field. Last year, I enrolled in night school studying practical nursing. My long term goal is to obtain that same elusive ASN I first started pursuing a decade and a half ago, and to be an RN. My mother was a nurse; I grew up seeing how much satisfaction she gained from her work, both personally and professionally. And my own limited experience in the nursing field has demonstrated to me that I like making people feel better; even if it’s only through something as simple as taking the time to talk to a patient and really listen to them, it can make all of the difference in the world.

So now I’m juggling working full-time in public relations, going to nursing school in the evenings, being a wife and mother, plus writing books and now operating my own publishing imprint. Using what I’m learning in school in my writing helps me keep myself motivated and interested in my work. And hey, it sort of works as a studying tool, too, lol.

For example, in my most recent title, Dark Passages 2: Pilar & Elías, my hero is an insulin-dependent diabetic. His condition plays a significant part in the story, as does the fact that the heroine has to learn about it, too, in order to help him cope. From my clinical experience, I’ve seen a lot of patients with diabetes. Learning more about the disease from the viewpoint of Elías, my hero, helped put in perspective, at least for me, the amount of lifestyle changes and degree of diligence diabetics must observe—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—in order to keep their blood sugar under control. At no point did I ever want to portray Elías’s condition as a character flaw or weakness, but rather, simply a part of his life he’s learned to adapt to, and one that definitely influences the outcome of the book.

About The Brethren Series:

Dark Thirst, Book One in The Brethren Series is out of print in paperback through Kensington/Zebra, but is available in Kindle ebook format. In it, Brandon Noble is one of the Brethren, an ancient clan of ruthless vampires. Horrified by his birthright, Brandon shuns the ritual of the first kill, earning his family's lasting wrath. When he finds love with a human woman named Angelina -- forbidden among the Brethren -- his fate is sealed. Can Brandon protect Angelina from his enemies -- and his own dark thirsts?

Dark Hunger, Book Two, is available from Kensington/Zebra in mass market paperback and multiple electronic formats, including for Kindle and the Nook. In it, Tessa Noble-Davenant will do anything to protect her brother, Brandon, even if that means traveling across the country with Rene Morin. A cynical, brooding, yet startling sexy vampire, Rene seems to take pleasure in finding fault with Tessa's every move. Despite this, a sensual attraction begins to develop between the two, one to which neither can afford to succumb. Rene and Tessa are being followed -- and a single misstep will put them at the mercy of forces more dark and powerful than they can even imagine...

Dark Passion, Book Three, is available in trade paperback and multiple e-formats through Double Dragon Publishing. In it, Augustus Noble is a man with secrets. His entire life has been built on half-truths, betrayals and lies—desperate measures to keep the woman he loves, Eleanor Trevilian-Noble, as his own. The patriarch of the Brethren, he has struggled for centuries to create an empire of wealth and prestige for her. Now all that he has fought for is in jeopardy—his grandson Brandon has risked it all in a desperate bid for independence and freedom. And just as Augustus can’t allow Brandon to escape the ages-old traditions of the Brethren race, he also can’t let the Brethren—and especially his longtime nemesis—discover a truth that, if revealed, would see them all killed.

In the fourth installment, Dark Passages: Tristan & Karen, Tristan Morin is a vampire on a mission: to not fall in love with Karen Pierce. To do so would prove that humans and Brethren were meant to be physically and emotionally bound to each other -- something he, as a full-blooded Brethren, refuses to believe. It would be so much easier if Karen wasn't beautiful. And if there wasn't something about her that draws him like a moth to a flame, damn near impossible to resist.

And in Book Five, Dark Passages 2: Pilar & Elías, Pilar Cadana has one thing on her mind: revenge against Pepe Cervantes, the vampire who murdered her father. But her plan to get close to him by working as a stripper in his nightclub backfires when she meets Elias Velasco, the police detective assigned to her father's case. Pilar has known tremendous heartache, sorrow and loss, but in Elias's arms, she feels safe enough to trust again...and even dare to love. But as the passion between them grows, so too does the danger -- because Pilar has dark secretes of her own. And while she's everything Elias wants, he may just prove to be everything Pilar needs.

Readers will find an “About the Brethren Series” page at www.sarareinke.com that fills them in on the series to date, and the different characters introduced so far, if they haven’t read any of the preceding titles. Plus, for a limited time, readers can subscribe to my e-Newsletter and receive a FREE ebook copy of Dark Thirst, Book One in The Brethren Series. There’s no better way to be introduced to the world of the Brethren vampires than with the book that started it all!

About me:

“Definitely an author to watch." That's how Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine describes Sara Reinke. New York Times best-selling author Karen Robards calls Reinke "a new paranormal star" and Love Romances and More hails her as "a fresh new voice to a genre that has grown stale." Find out more at www.sarareinke.com.

EXCERPT from DARK PASSAGES 2: Pilar & Elías:

Son of a bitch, Elías thought as he fought with the tie wrapped snugly around his wrists. After a furious moment’s effort, he worked the knots loose and freed himself. Scrambling to his feet, he hurried after Pilar, catching sight of her across the club as she hurried for the dressing room.

Son of a bitch, he thought again—as much referring to himself as his own frustration with the unexpected situation. God, how could everything that had been so perfect in one moment get so completely fucked up in the next? Pilar had been astride him, he’d watched her beautiful face soften, her brows lifting, her lips parting in a soft, sweet O as she’d approached climax—not a dream this time, not one of his fantasies, but real and warm and with him. And then, with one stupid, thoughtless utterance, he’d ruined everything. He’d driven her away.

I can explain, he’d told her. Yeah, he thought bitterly. Good luck with that one, Elías. What are you going to say? “I’ve been watching you dance for weeks now, Pilar, and I’ve fallen in love with you. Only thing is, one of the guys who killed your father and sexually assaulted you has been found laid out like day-old ham salad in the bayou, and the wheel base for the motorcycle your brother gave you matches one I found at the crime scene. So even though I think about you all the time, dream about you, wake up in the middle of the night reaching for you, that doesn’t change the fact that I think Valien might have used your bike to hunt Miguel Torres down and kill him.”

Yeah. He managed a coarse, humorless laugh. That should clear everything up.

“Wait,” he said, rushing to catch up and intercept her before she could get through the door and escape. He

caught her elbow and she whirled, catlike, eyes wide.


“Don’t touch me,” she snapped, wrenching herself loose.

“I’m sorry.” Holding up his hands, palms facing her, he said it again. “I’m sorry.”

“Forget it.” Turning on her heel, she marched toward the door again.

“Pilar.” He said it quietly so that if anyone else happened to be in earshot, they wouldn’t overhear, but loudly enough so that she would. She froze in her tracks, her entire body stiffening.

She turned slowly to face him and he could tell from her face, her rigid posture, that she was thinking about bolting into the dressing room, hiding from him, not coming out until firmly convinced he was long gone and ancient history.

“Don’t you ever call me that again,” she seethed, almost inaudible, and God, the look of wounded, bewildered betrayal in her face nearly shattered him. “Do you hear me?”

“Please.” Elías kept his hands raised. “I just want to talk.”

The corner of her mouth twitched. “Yeah? That’s not what seemed to be on your mind a few minutes ago.”

“I know that,” he conceded, shamefaced. “And I’m sorry. With all my heart, Pilar, I’m sorry. I promise you—I swear to God that’s not why I came here today. I just…” His voice trailed off and he raked his fingers through his hair. I just lose my head whenever I see you. Madre de Dios, woman, you’re so beautiful and you were right there in front of me. I couldn’t think straight…couldn’t think at all!

“Yeah, and next you’ll tell me you didn’t like it, didn’t want it,” Pilar shot with a frown.

“God, no,” he said, blurting it out, taking himself as much by surprise as her by the frank admission. “I did like it,” he whispered, his brows lifting. “And I did want it…more than anything.” I want you more than anything, he added in his mind, pressing his lips together momentarily to stifle the words. More than you can know. “That’s why I couldn’t stop myself. Or you.”

His confession had visibly deflated her fury, at least for the moment. “Please,” he said. “Just hear me out.”

A heavy hand fell against his shoulder, a low voice with menacing intimacy in his ear. “Hands off the lady.”

Elías turned in start and found one of the club’s very large, very imposing security guards standing there, dressed in a white tuxedo shirt and cummerbund, both stretched tautly across the broad expanse of his chest.

“This guy bothering you, Destiny?” the bouncer asked Pilar gruffly. “You want me to show him to the door?”

Because Elías suspected the man was using “show” in its loosest possible interpretation, he was grateful when Pilar shook her head.

“No, Joey. It’s okay.”

The bouncer, Joey, leveled his surly gaze at Elías for another moment, then growled, “Keep your hands to yourself. House rules.” Then with a reluctant glower—as if he’d been hoping for the chance to forcibly eject Elías from the building and thus highlighting what had otherwise been a boring day for bouncing—Joey turned and walked away.

“Here.” Pilar reached down and took the money Elías had given her out of her waistband. “Take this back. I don’t want it.”

He shook his head. “It’s yours.”

She locked gazes with him, stony and cold. Opening her fingers, she let it drop to the floor. “I don’t want it.”

“Wait.” She tried to leave again, turning away, but he caught her arm. This time, she didn’t try to fight her way free, but she awarded him a look that could have passed as a deadly weapon.

“Please. I need to talk to you.”

“About what?” she asked, huffing out a put-upon sigh.

“Miguel Torres,” he said, leaning toward her, speaking softly again. He didn’t miss the startled intake of her breath or the way her gaze darted abruptly away, like that of a cornered animal surveying its options for escape.

“What about him?” she asked.

Stepping closer, tilting his head, Elías spoke softly into her ear. “He was found dead in the middle of Highway 1226 this morning, half-eaten by alligators.”

He felt a slight tremor work its way through her, whether a shiver at the revelation of Miguel’s discovery or at his proximity, his breath rustling her hair, he couldn’t be sure. Because in all the weeks he’d been coming to Melaza and all the times he’d watched—longing, envious—as Pilar had danced for other men, he’d never seen her perform for anyone as she had for him. More than just a dance, she’d moved against him, responded to him like a lover. Like she’d wanted him too.

“What…what’s that have to do with me?” she asked, close enough now so that when she glanced up at him, her cheek dragged lightly against his own, and when he moved in turn to meet her gaze, his mouth hovered just above hers, so close… Madre de Dios, he thought, agonized, as he fought the impulse to lean in and kiss her. Mother of God.

“You tell me,” he breathed.

Her hands fell lightly against the front of his shirt; then she pushed him away. “Not here.”


Her brows narrowed. “I said not here.”

“Then tell me where. Tell me when.”

Again, her eyes swept nervously about. “I…I don’t know.” He reached for her, but she shook her head and backed away. “I’ll call your office. I’ll let you know.”

And with that, she was gone; with a sparkle of sequins and a flip of blonde hair, she hurried toward the dressing room, letting the door fall sharply shut behind her.

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