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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Four Stars!

Recently reviewed by Sugarbeat's Books and posted on the Romance Reviews website.

TALK DIRTY TO ME takes being verbal during sex to a new level! This hot little story will steam up your glasses and leave you with a happily ever after. Great little read!

I loved this short little story. The characters were real. The imagery was vivid and the story was rewarding from the beginning to the end. This author does an outstanding job of creating visual images of her characters and writing the story in such a way as to make the reader a voyeur on the action. Despite the shortness of this story, it feels like a full novel. The history of the two main characters' relationship is well outlined so that the reader feels like they are stepping into the middle of the unresolved affair between them. The pace of this book is fast. The action just rushes along, taking the reader for a fast ride of passion!

I highly recommend this book!


Jane said...

Congrats, Tory.

Tory Richards said...

Jane, it seems that you're always the first one to congratulate me. Thank you!