Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Again!

No matter where I go or how long I'm gone it's always nice to come home again, and to sleep in my own bed. Alivia took good care of Woofy, Gin Gin and Jezzie and boy were they glad to see me. Woofy and Jezzie were all over me for attention but Gin Gin gave me attitude. I knew she would.

My trip to Maine was a long time in coming. I used to go almost every year. But since my dad's passing I just couldn't bring myself to go. I honestly thought it had only been ten years until I went to the cemetery and saw the date on his stone. Thirteen years had passed!

Like all the years before when I go home I get the urge to move back. I have a lot of family there. But, like the years before after a few days go by the urge gradually dims. My heart will always be there but the reality is my life is here in Florida with my soul mate, daughter and her family. Maybe I'll become a snow bird! LOL


Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie aka Tory...I think we can all relate to that being home again feeling...nothing like it. It's also good to have options and the "snow bird" one has definite appeal:) ~Nancy

Jane said...

Home sweet home.

Tory Richards said...

I so agree Nancy! I'd love to be able to spend the summer months in Maine.