Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What a day I've had! It started out with watching my grandchildren, which is always good. No problem there. Then a company came out to fix the windshield of my car. Now, instead of a bebe size blemish I have a 3 inch hairline crack. Hum, I wonder which is better. It was recommended I should replace the whole windshield, which I'll do when time permits.

Then I decided to go clothes shopping. Have I told you that I hate shopping? Well, I do. On the way there I hit one of those orange barrels they put up when road work is going on. No, I wasn't texting. I don't do that. I won't even read a text sent to me while I'm driving. I was paying attention, but realized at the very last second that I was taking the wrong exit. So I swerved in the hope I would make the right exit. I did. But I hit the barrel.

Now the passenger side mirror is gone and I have a nice scrape on the side of the car. Damn. I drive a 2011 and it's beginning to look like a piece of crap! I was keyed down the driver's side so I have a nice scratch there as well.

All can and will be fixed, especially before I go on the road trip to Maine that I have planned in May. I reminded myself on the way home that things can always be worse.

Now, back to clothes shopping. My new job requires professional attire. I walked the whole damn mall, stopped at all the strip malls and managed to find the beginning of a good wardrobe. But I was exhausted by the time I finished. I looked like a wilted flower when I got home but a cold shower quickly revived me.

Life is good again:)


Mindy said...

I'm sorry your day was so long! Sounds like mine was yesterday, started out really well (kids up on time and happy - for once- to go to school LOL) Trip to the bookstore and lunch out with a friend...THEN leaving the bookstore I was backing out of a parking spot and so was the guy directly behind me, needless to say two cars can not be in the same spot at the same time! My pretty white BMW Convertable now has a nasty boo boo on the rear bumper and until I can get a job and pay the deductable (was ruled both our faults) it will stay there :-(

Tory Richards said...

So sorry to hear that! I know repairs can be so darn expensive. But when you have a nice car, you want it perfect. I'm calling my insurance people today to see about repairs.

So, if it's ruled both your faults does that mean you didn't get a ticket?

Mindy said...

No ticket that I know of :-) Here in Cali the police wont even come if there are no injuries and property dammage is less than $1500. The insurance says if it is his fault HE has to pay my decutable, if its mine I have to pay it. BUT since its 50/50 He pays half mine and I pay half his and it ends up even, we both end up paying full deductable anyway LOL

I hope yours gets repaired soon :-) You are right about wanting the car to be perfect and yours is new

Good luck getting your car fixed quickly and w the new job :-)

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Mindy. I plan to take it to the dealer this coming week to get an estimate.