Saturday, March 26, 2011


I don't usually do this but I just received a review for Someone to Love Me and well, quite frankly, it sucked. Now don't get me wrong. I know not every one is going to like it. No two of us have the same opinions. I'm all for honest opinions, I swear. But this is the first time I felt the need to defend my story. Only because the reviewer literally picked the plot apart. It's fiction for crying out loud! And the definition of fiction is: unrealism, invention, creative writing, fantasy, imaginary tale...I, ah, kind of let her have it.

Warning: I sound a little defensive. Below is what she had to say. My comments are in red.

Definition of Fiction - unrealism, invention, creative writing, fantasy, imaginary tale...hummm. I'm sorry you didn't like my story, I totally get that not every one will. And I appreciate your honest opinion. But I did want to respond to a few things you had to say, I've bolded my responses below.

Unlikely event #1 is a weekend pilot who crashes in the Alaskan wilderness survives the crash. People survive horrific plane crashes all the time, remember the Andes? Unlikely event #2 is that she is found by a passing Good Samaritan, uninjured. He's a mountain man and he saw her plane go down, you make it sound like he was out for an afternoon stroll. Unlikely Event #3 is that no search planes are out looking for her, for at least as long as it takes for her to fall in love with said rescuer. Ever heard of love at first sight? And there was an explanation why search and rescue planes might be late in looking for her. Unlikely event #4 is the rescuer possesses a large generator as well as a battery operated radio so he can hear the news and music, but he doesn’t have a SatPhone or some other form of communication device. You mean we don't sell large generators and battery operated radios? And I know more than one person who doesn't have a phone. Unlikely event #5 is that someone who is so much into her family, who is used to being on stage as a singer, will decide after three or four days to toss it all and live in the wilderness.
It's fiction...anything can happen.

If you like unlikely event inspired stories then Someone to Love Me is for you. I had trouble believing a lot of it, because I know from experience how unforgiving the terrain and the weather are in these circumstances and how miraculous it is that anyone could survive.
Ever heard of miracles? Again, remember the plane crash in the Andes years ago. We all know what they resorted to in order to survive.

However, once you get past the unlikely events, it’s actually a good look at two troubled people who need each other to heal their past devastating hurts. Their back stories are tenderly told, with a care for how the deaths of loved ones can affect different people in different ways. Luke and Charlie need each other to go forward into the world, but we never find out what Luke’s profession is, where his money comes from and if he is amenable to leaving his self-imposed exile to be with the woman he loves. Is knowing that kind of trivial information really important? Charlie appears to have found her way back to life and she forces, cajoles and blackmails Luke into rejoining the land of the living. But is accepting Charlie into his exile the same as rejoining the human race? Not to my mind.

There, I feel better now. And if I went overboard my only excuse is not enough chocolate and syfy today. But I did have a good steak on the grill:)

Maybe I was wrong to state my opinion of her opinion:)


June M. said...

I agree that maybe she needs to look up what "fiction" means, along with understanding that accidents happen no matter how much training someone has and people do survive horrific crashes.

Pommawolf said...

I agree with you Tory %100.

I live here in Alaska, and as I read her quandries, she over facted your book to death. I would like to know if she either relies on what she could google, or what?

I look for romance fiction not%100 fact, and feel lucky that good authors write stories about Alaska.

I gotta tell you some people either do not have an imagination, or they are so busy trying to check facts out that they have no idea or even know the definition of the word fiction.

Your book is on my wishlist because it's a story in Alaska...and I'm ever greatful that you wrote it.....*S*


Pommawolf @ hotmail dot com

Tory Richards said...

She DID over fact it, didn't she! That's probably what rubbed me the wrong way.

Thank you ladies. And Darcy, if you do get a chance to read it I hope you enjoy it:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie aka Tory...You're as entitled to your opinions as is the reviewer. As an avid reader, I read romance for the fantasy and possibility of the storyline. It doesn't sound to me like you're off the mark. I will form my own opinion after I've had a chance to read Someone to Love no doubt other readers will. Especially those familiar with your work:) ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...

I'd love to hear your opinion of Someone to Love Me after you read it. Honestly:)

Amy J said...

I agree with you Tory. It is fiction. I am reading a book right now that is so far fetched in the romance but I know that the plot is suppose to be fiction! LOL
Fiction romance is suppose to be sugary and at times unbelievable at times or else the reading would not be an escape from real life!

I can't wait to read this book!

Sex Between the Covers said...

Thank you Amy! I hope you enjoy it. Would love a review if you have the time.

Alyssa Aaron said...

For Heavens Sake!

I'm astounded at the reasons the reviewer didn't like your book. I wonder if she's heard of the paranormal romance craze that's sweeping the romance genre and has been for several years now. How likely are shape-shifters, werewolves, vampires, crash-landing aliens for heavens sake?

There is such a thing (in fiction) as the willful suspension of disbelief. When we read a stranded together story, or a marriage under duress story, or a secret baby story we DECIDE to suspend disbelief a bit in order to enjoy a good story. It's up to the author to put together enough explanations of the parts that are not believable that the reader can more easily suspend disbelief. But some portion of the task does depend on the reader's willingness to do so.

The reviewer has every right to her opinion and to express it. I think you have every right to respond.

I've received both very, very positive reviews for His Perfect Submissive including a reviewer's choice award. I've also received reviews from people on Amazon who gave it one star. What people like/don't like about a story varies widely. What one person likes another person may hate.

What I do wish is that reviewers took into account that words do hurt...and when they are reviewing someone's book they are talking about months, weeks, and maybe years of that person's work. There is a nice way and a not so nice way of saying that you like or don't like a book. :-)

Sorry you got what feels to you like such an unfair review. The ones that feel unfair hurt the worst IMHO.

Wilma said...

Anyone who wants to pick apart fiction, shouldn't read it. She should stick to real life stories.