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Thursday, March 17, 2011

13 reasons to buy Someone to Love Me
  1. It has a beautiful cover
  2. It's a full length erotic romance
  3. It takes place in Alaska
  4. It's full of sizzling hot, wall banging sex scenes
  5. The hero is a big, sexy mountain man
  6. A beautiful white wolf is a supporting character
  7. It has an emotional plot that will suck you in
  8. It has several suspense filled scenes
  9. It will give you ideas on what to do if you're ever snowed in
  10. It will tell you what not to do if you survive a plane crash in the mountains
  11. It will give you helpful ideas on how to stay warm during a blizzard
  12. It has humor
  13. There are snowmen and snowballs involved

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