Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A new review for Talk Dirty to Me!

The Pagan and the Pen Book Reviews said...This is one short yet delicious read. Ms. Richards packed a lot of eroticism in such a short storyline with two main characters that are able to hold their own. The physical chemistry between the two characters is off the charts...

For your reading pleasure -

His voice sounded directly behind her—he’d followed her to the counter. Lilly wished she could tell him she did have a hot date. “Maybe.” Let him draw his own conclusions. She finished pouring the wine, picked up her plate and swung around. But that’s as far as she got. Two powerful arms imprisoned her when Blake slapped his palms against the counter on either side of her.

Lilly caught her breath and had to glance up a long way to meet the amusement swimming in his sensual eyes. “What do you think you’re doing, Blake?” The spicy scent of his body wash tantalized her, causing another flood of desire to pool between her legs. Damn…she had to get away from him before he caught the scent of her arousal.

“Remember the last time we were together?” Was he actually lowering his head?

Her eyes grew round, instinctively knowing he wasn’t talking about the airport parking lot. She’d never forget it. Panic began to set in. “Blake,” she warned, leaning against the unbending counter.

“Remember when we ran out of condoms and I had to fuck you in the ass?” He reached up and ran his thumb over her bottom lip. “You went off like fireworks on the Fourth of July.”

Lilly shook her head no, but couldn’t deny the sharp explosion of lust that shot through her at his words. Awareness throbbed through her body, straight to her clit. “Blake, please.” Her nipples peaked into hard little crowns and tingled, her breasts swelled. She was trapped, had nowhere to turn, and her hands were full.

He ignored her pitiful tone and buried his nose in her hair. His lips brushed against her ear. “I like how wild you get when we’re screwing, Lilly.” His teeth tugged at her lobe. “I like how hot it makes you when my tongue is inside your pussy. But you know what I like most?” Slowly melting against the counter, all Lilly could do was shake her head weakly. “How good it feels with your mouth on my cock and balls. You have the sweetest mouth, Lilly.”

Lilly shuddered. “This isn’t fair.”


Jane said...

Congrats on another rave review, Tory.

Tory Richards said...

Thanks Jane:)

Nancy Bristow said...

Debbie...It's grand that Talk Dirty to Me is getting great reviews but really, the only important thing to me is that I loved it. Nevertheless, cheers!! ~Nancy

Tory Richards said...